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Default re: 2 the guy who is up his own

I think posts - good and bad - about suppliers should be fully allowed.

However for the customer here might be some good tips:

a) It's always (ALWAYS!!!!) best to contact that supplier first. Allow them to attempt full satisfaction. Every company makes a bone head mistake. We are all human. Get a dialog going, get the problem rectified. Comment good or bad after that.

b) Always READ the suppliers website info BEFORE ordering. Many times the information is right there.

c) Be 100% truthful, I know it will be from your viewpoint and that's fine. But don't exaggerate the problem, tack on extra time, etc.

d) Allow the supplier to respond. Then publicly as necessary.

e) Always supply every tidbit of technical detail possible in any exchange. Pictures, dimensions, etc

The supplier:

a) should respond as rapidly as humanly possible to any problem
b) see if that problem may affect other customers
c) always learn from the experience and take action to 100% preclude the problem from happening again.
d) treat the customer with complete respect and dignity. Listen, listen, listen. The customer couldn't give a rat's patootie if you are best expert designing engineer machinist PhD in the entire world if he doesn't have his parts or they don't work.

I'm sure there are other hints that can help the situation.