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Default re: 2 the guy who is up his own

Originally Posted by Venice Motor Bikes View Post
It does seem that all the negative posts about MM keep getting deleted.
When someone makes a comment like "I hope you don't mind waiting 9 months to get your parts"; it's seen as a 'dig' against MM & deleted.

How are forum members suppossed to get lied to & ripped off by a vendor & still be nice to that person when posting about their experience with him??? (It's not possible.)

MM has a history of accepting peoples money, lying to them about the progress of their parts & NOT sending them the parts they paid for, & it's still going on because the negative stuff about him gets deleted.

I've asked some mods "What is a acceptable way to warn forum members about him?" & I'm still waiting for a response.

But hey... All this negative talk about him is gonna get deleted too!

No - all the negative posts about MM end up being a flamefest because folks can't seem to tell the difference between a report of poor service and petty insults.

No - there's a difference between "I hope you don't mind waiting 9 months to get your parts" and "The last time I ordered from him I had to wait 9 months" - it's a subtle difference to be sure (the former may or may not be true, the second is a simple fact), but add in the minor twist that no one could make a comment good or bad w/o another snide and very uninformative personal dig being posted and what you have is not a vendor review in the interest of protection - but a personal vendetta in the interest of creating strife... and that won't be tolerated.

You don't need to be "nice" - just not rude. It's actually not only possible, but fairly simple. "I didn't get my parts for nine months" is a statement of fact - "MM jerks people around and never delivers" is unsubstantiated slander.

I'm somewhat surprised that you feel the need to have this explained, a touch disappointed that you'd think we'd go out of our way to delete things simply because you don't think we agree with them... particularly as we have taken action to rectify this situation - as you well know.