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Default re: 2 the guy who is up his own

Originally Posted by 5446 View Post
Hmmmm? Sooo I guess the mod deleted the report as well? Do you guys see the pms back and forth from a report? I even saw emails sent to my friend from this "MOD" after banning my friend and they where not pretty. He might still have them? But whats the point YOUR a realy great mod and I read a lot of that other mods posts as well as yours before sighing up to be a member and its YOU that changed my mind about this site so I joined. Peace
Mods can't "delete" reports nor can staff see other people's private messages - which is why we'd need you to forward any inappropriate private message so it can be reviewed.
The point (of the report function) would be for staff as a whole to review the complaint of any alleged misbehavior from anyone *shrug*

Thank you for your complement - but I assure you that my philosophy is no different, all the staff are pretty much in agreement regarding this, in fact I'm pretty much just passing on basic forum etiquette & what the administration wishes for this site...

...I'm jus' kinda long-winded and tend to natter on a bit lol

We do prefer to talk about stuff like inappropriate behavior via PM, out of respect for all involved and to keep topics on track - things get out of hand quickly when it's on the public stage.