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Default re: 2 the guy who is up his own

Originally Posted by 5446 View Post
I know of people who have been banned with out one warning for pointing out bad venders here and rudly banned with crazy insults in pms? (one mod in mind) So it all SOUNDS good but realy it dont work the way you say. (well with that one mod at least lol) and I have seen the pms with my own eyes!!?? Well with that said ALL the other mods Ive heard about and delt with here rock as they are realy a great bunch and I LOVE this site.
I doubt greatly that anyone would have been banned out of hand for simply posting an unfavorable review no matter whom the vendor may have been - but on the other hand I've seen any number of people that earned a ban by running with a bad assumption and spewing bile with every keystroke. It happens, it's the internet lol - we do usually try to work it out even with those sorts... but it rarely goes well *shrug*

As for these accusations regarding staff - there's a couple things I'd like to point out...

First, we're human believe it or not lol - sometimes we've had a bad day and no matter how fair and unbiased we try to be, we can only take so many insults and sneaky BS before there's consequences... heck, I'll admit I'm not always the diplomat I could be...

...and that brings us to the next point - we're not all the same person, we don't even always agree lol. If for some reason you feel unduly persecuted by any staff member, consult a different one - better yet, report them. If you receive a PM from anyone that you think violates our rules, forward it to another moderator - even an administrator if you think it's that serious.

Lastly, it will work - it has to. It's the only way to have the fair, respectful site that is our responsibility to provide and is the reason we're here