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Default re: 2 the guy who is up his own

Originally Posted by chainmaker View Post
I agree with this about the feedback both positive and negative, but I also think this should be allowed by all parties, I have been subscribed to threads regarding feedback and gotten the notification of a reply ( Mainly by one guy) to said thread only to go back and find the response deleted. Now I don't know the circumstances or the politics involved this is just what I have noticed.
It is not only allowed, but encouraged by anyone who's had an experience, good or bad with any vendor. Forum sponsors enjoy no special privileges, vendors are no different than any other member.

We don't pull posts for "political" reasons, we don't even care the circumstances - that's between the vendor and the customer, we'd have no way of knowing the facts anyway lol

What we do care about is good, solid information and feedback - not drama and angst. So if a post has been pulled, you can pretty much guess what it consisted of lol