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Default re: 2 the guy who is up his own

Usually we would simply delete a thread/post like this, not that it'd even be cause for concern - we'd just send off a quick PM explaining why & perhaps offering advice as to how it could be done constructively... it's part of the routine & it doesn't even bother us unless the person turns around and freaks on us for doin' what we hafta do...

We let this one run it's course so people could ask questions regarding our policy, see why some responses get mysteriously deleted, and even remind folks that we encourage ALL reviews both positive and negative, so long as they follow normal forum etiquette. While it may seem rude of us to intervene and delete an inappropriate post, you can see how in actuality it often serves to protect even the person whom posted it in the first place. Our only real concern is providing a friendly, respectful place for all of us to babble about bikes.

Please remember that if ya ever wonder why we did something, didn't do something or have any questions at all - just ask. We all welcome PMs and are more than happy to chat with ya.