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Default re: 2 the guy who is up his own

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
We really do wish feedback regarding any/all vendors positive and negative alike as your unfortunate experience may help save another member from the same fate... but it doesn't help anyone at all if the vendor isn't named, and it really doesn't help if it's simply venting frustration - the most informative and useful reviews are simple statements of fact.

It's not just you man and I feel yer pain - we've just had quite a few posts lately regarding vendors that consist of nothing but angst & a couple of personal digs, which serves no purpose at all beyond stirring up drama and more hate - so we're usually forced to pull them... which honestly sucks as it makes us look like we only "allow" positive reviews - which couldn't be farther from the truth.

We really need to hear negative reviews - in some ways they're even more needful than the positive ones, to prevent some poor newb from getting burned... but unfortunately it seems people have real difficulty discerning the difference between flaming and reviewing, and again - it ain't just you man

oh yea - and BTW the creators (Paul and Alex) and the staff (moderators) have nothing to do with any products or promotion at all - save our own personal opinions & reviews. Even the ads are impersonal - we're not promoting them or even recommending them just 'cause they've got an ad - they're promoting themselves and this forum through their sponsorship, no more - no less

I agree with this about the feedback both positive and negative, but I also think this should be allowed by all parties, I have been subscribed to threads regarding feedback and gotten the notification of a reply ( Mainly by one guy) to said thread only to go back and find the response deleted. Now I don't know the circumstances or the politics involved this is just what I have noticed.
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