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Default re: 2 the guy who is up his own

Originally Posted by charles.paskell View Post
OK so u make custom parts SO WHAT Who enables you to do so????? I ll tell you who your customers
you should not be so bold as to say that they cant order parts from you as this is u r client base
I cant find u r thread I thought Id start my own on this subject

I wouldn't buy from you if you payed me, u r attitude is all wrong especially in this economy.
I dont care If you were the creator of this forum or not I dis-like you and what you stand for which is not much as I can tell
I doubt if you and I know all that has transpired between the concerned parties. I don't and wish it were more civil and with less emotion and also more private. Another rant is not what we need here.
Also, I have only sold a few hand made gas tanks, but already have seen a great difference between one customer and another. They are not all the same. One treats me with respect and consideration and another wastes my time. Actually several have wasted my time and energy. And some I would bend over backwards for. Vendors are human, too. I'm learning who to ignore. I bet you would, too. Why should I sit for hours soldering and stitching a tank the best I know how to do for someone who treats me like dirt? Why can't I say I'm not interested in making a tank for this person?
I don't believe you really know what you're talking about, as the creator of this forum is Paul who is not a vendor of anything. A rant such as yours serves no purpose and actually harms this forum. One of the things I like best about it here is the general civility of it's tone, it's helpfulness to others and the generally positive quality of the membership. My mother taught me that if I don't have anything good to say I should be quiet. That generally works pretty well, I find. If I do have something negative which needs to be said, I try to make it civil.
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