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Default Re: 2 vs. 4 Stroke...

Originally Posted by Elmo View Post
I havent seen any posts about 4 strokes turning into a grenade within the first 200 miles. Havent seen any posts about trying to get the 4 strokes running after building the kit bike. The two strokes are initially cheaper but after replacing the engine three or for times?
??? Grenade? I think there may be conditions, under which that could happen, which may very well be related to either a less-than-reputable maker's quality or an owner's diligence with upkeep. I know the four-strokes on the lawn mowers and garden tractors I've owned and used and maintained (rather well I may add) were by no means trouble free. If anything, they were right on par with my two-stroke. I know this may be apples-and-oranges but my experience has been that my two-stroke is easier to start. My old arm gets tired after pulling rope a few times. And I think I've rebuilt the carburettor on more four-strokes than I have on two-strokes (well, I haven't had to yet on a two-stroke).
I would say that people who are used to four-strokes will go with what they know, and are more prepared to deal with what they are used to. The exact same can be said for lovers of two-smokers.

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