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Default Re: Lawn Mower Mufflers...

I'm not sure regular lawnmower mufflers would work for these chinese engines. Mufflers work by redirecting soundwaves into a chamber tuned to the specific frequency of sound that the engine makes in order to cause a 180 degree inversion of the sound waves as they exit the chamber. What this does is allow those inverted sound waves to mix with uninverted sound waves which in effect causes them cancel each other out and nullify the sound. These HT mufflers are really crude and not very precise which makes me somewhat surprised they work as well as they do even though they are still kind of loud.

Since mufflers are tuned to specific engines they cannot be mixed or matched and get decent results especially if the engines operate on vastly different RPMs and bore sizes like our HT 2 cycle and 4 cycle lawnmower engines.
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