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Default Re: Aluminum or Steel? Which do you prefer?

Originally Posted by Cafe Racer View Post
I dont understand your comment. Are you stating that an aluminum frame is not strong enough? Or that the weight savings of aluminum are of no consequence since there is a motor.

If the question refers to weight then there is a reason to choose aluminum. If I can cut weight by 5lbs that would be fantastic. The bike will need to be carried upstairs. Into the subway stations. Into office buildings or lofts. So weight is an issue and I would like to use lightweight components anywhere that is financially feasible.

INTO office buildings? I will assume you intend to use an electric motor, in which case any savings on weight will absolutely be a benefit. If you can't be talked out of aluminum, splurge on a really good frame. Some members of the forum ride aluminum, have had good luck with it, and can advise you from here.
If you are talking gas, office building administration may be less than happy with having a fire hazzard in their building.

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