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Default Re: How fast will a beach cruiser with 49cc 4 stroke motor go with a 155ib user on it

It really, truly, depends who's doing the asking. If a police officer is asking, I say 25 mph (being that this is the fastest speed they are allowed to go in this state). If it is a stranger, I say 25 mph (he might be an off-duty cop). If it is a trusted friend who can keep a secret, I say "I don't really know. The bicycle speedo is as accurate as an educated guess. Hey, you wanna get in your car and pace me? Maybe the speedo in your old Yugo is a little more accurate." Who really can say exactly how fast they go. Even a calibrated police radar gun isn't as accurate as they'd like you to believe. Sure a radar may be more accurate than almost anything, but if you wanna split hairs - even a GPS won't get you right on the money, it'll be really super close though.

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