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Default Re: Another new guy...

throw everything you know about being an engineer, airplane builder and mechanic out the window when you start building. these motors will contradict everything you've learned...

honestly, i know motorcycle mechanics who are stumped by these things...

that being said, the Grubee kits are all i've owned and built, and compared to other motors i've seen and worked on, they're the best. they're not without their own little problems, though, but with some patience, it's all easy to work out. everyone i've built has fired up the first time, and they're all still running great. but they've all required some extra care due to quality control, like cracked floats that need replacing, leaky petcocks, and other minor things (oh, and a busted carb mounting flange.) that's where the reputable dealers come in. everyone i've bought from has replaced the defective items, and sometimes sent extras, just in case...

as for the bike, you're gonna need to build your own motor mounts for a cruiser (at least the front one,) as the motors are designed for a "V"frame. personally, i hate every bike made after 1950, but if all you wanna do is putt around your property, it should be fine.

i remember an old BMX sticker that said "If Huffy made airplanes, would you fly in one?"

all the other problems you might encounter have probably already been answered, but feel free to ask again...
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