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Default Problems with fuel control

I purchased a Grubee kit and Micargi bicycle several months ago and have had very little good function. I have upgraded different things and brought it to a professional bike assembler but I still have problems with flooding and ignition. I have replaced all of the electrical components twice thinking that was the problem with no ignition. I have disconnected the kill switch and replaced it with an on/off switch interrupting the ignition circuit because it seemed that every time I used the kill switch, the perfectly operating motor on a ride would not restart and necessitated me walking and riding the bike too far for my disabled body to enjoy. I have replaced the carbureter with the speed carbureter available on the Spooky Tooth website. When it works with a 36 tooth sprocket it goes way too fast for my comfort and up any hill I've tried. I have left the fuel valve on for just 5 minutes and the engine fills with gasoline, which is very difficult to clean out. (Remove spark plug, carbureter, muffler and peddle for a long time with the clutch engaged.) I have done that twice now and the bike still will not start with a pullstart. When it is working, it starts with one easy pull every time and runs like a stallion. I am just getting sick of the extensive periods of time when it doesn't run. My expectation is that this will be my backup transport in case my car breaks down or my wife is away visiting relatives and I need to go get something. I would appreciate any suggestions.

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