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Default Re: Who else always pedals?

I used to be a real die-hard pedaler (I'm still anti-cager for the most part!) but then I moved to a flat state with mean winds that quickly humbled me and my 12 mile commute. That called for a motored Schwinn Cruiser Seven with a 52T front and 11T 7th gear. Drive sprocket on the HT66 was easily-changeable 34T Rocket Ring on custom mount. 30MPH with a useful sweatless cadence for me and a PDQ commute! I think a motored bicycle is truly optimum if the assist comes back around. You'll accelerate much quicker and get better fuel mileage from my experience. All about the gearing on both sides.

That said, not everyone is able to set their rides up that way. My new ride still needs work on that part. 16-17MPH top speed in 3rd gear!
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