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Default Re: Expansion Chamber Project

Thanks for the compliments guys!

Yea I ran It for a while today and the hose held up great! pipe was smokin hot, but the hose was just fine.

I Actually also got a 36 tooth sprocket when i ordered the sbp chamber, and installed it at the same time. With my old 44 tooth and stock muffler, i was toppin 33 mph, now with the chamber and sprocket, im hittin 37. SOOOO close to the 40 mark!

The only thing that I really dont like is how much i need to pedal while idleing now before dropping the clutch, and the motor still struggles to start to pull at first. Once past that, its fast! So what do you guys think I should do?

Either leave my 36 tooth on there and pedal alot more at first. (which i freakin hate, especially if you stop on a hill) OR Put my 44 tooth back on and be happy with 33mph?
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