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Cheers for the info. I'm guessing it would be "illegal", I got done for "operating a mechanically propelled vehicle" on a public highway. Unfortunately i was un-insured it the time. my own fault , but hindsight is a wonderful thing. Although i really dont see how an electric bike is any different , its still mechanically propelled , just with electricity as the fuel? ? ? But , i know for a fact , electric bikes are road legal. I guess its quite an unusual concept the whole petrol bicycle, if i were a cop i wouldnt look twice at a bicycle coming towards me. Providing i could turn off the engine quick enough should the worst come to the worst and deny i was "mechanically propelling" myself i guess it would be all sweet wheres the proof. Its not a crime to attatch an engine to your bike. haha If i were tootling down the road on a 125 motorbike, I'd be banged to rights. I dont plan on using it around town , just along the 8 miles or so of country road i travel to work. and then switch to pedal power when i get into a built up area. Its probably an awful idea posting it on here , and using my name as a user name. But, again . Hindsight. haha
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