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Default Re: Texas Legal MB Club

Well, I am just doing the research and don't want to ruffle any feathers of those who may have forged any already existing clubs. Your response has been my first contact and if I find out anything I will make a valent effort to pass it on. There is power in numbers and it sure wouldn't be smart top duplicate the work individually all over again when associations can be formed, like you say Texas is big! When it comes to nonprofits, you don't see them compete to much to offer services like The Salvation Army VS The United Way. They build off each other and form co-ops through letters of intent...

Much public and common good though can be legally done. I could see a Group Insurance Plan for Club sanctioned activities and members, funding for instruction - I legally paid 30.00 an hour for personel to conduct seminars and classes that became popular recruitment events as well as member personal enrichment. I've been very active in several clubs...

Computer, Ham Radio, Vollyball, Bicycle, Engineering... You can do a lot of things as long as it is in the excepted Mission Statement and within guidelines set up by the state of incorporation. Many have there own facilities built on sites granted through like 50 year land leases free from property taxes given to Federally recognized non profits. My last club made quit a bit of revenue from selling materials and equiptment from a shop, like a pro shop at a golf club so to speak, but it was a Volleyball Club.

Sounds fun but it got 0verwhelming... The thing is though when I burned out, the club bylaws just allowed for a nomination and election process. I truley hate business... got to go!
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