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Default Re: Who else always pedals?

Originally Posted by virginian View Post
When I asked the question, I meant pedaling while the motor is running instead of pedaling without a motor.

I have tested how much pedaling adds to speed by getting to a constant speed on the flat and then stop pedaling and then start pedaling again. When I stop pedaling my speed drops within seconds and then increases when I start pedaling again.

I usually cruise at about 28-29 mph in the open road. At that speed normal pedaling adds only about 1 mph and hard pedaling (not sustainable for more than a few minutes) adds about 2 mph. That is not much, but as I said, I like to pedal.

But pedaling really helps on big hills. I tested one big hill hitting it at 35 mph at the bottom. I slowed to 13 mph at the top with no pedaling and 24 mph when I really hammered the pedals.
It's fun too !

I have always loved engines ! And I love teaming up with one like this !

The nearest connection a human can have with a motor, that I know of, is when pedaling a motorized bicycle !

I am still getting a handle on it.

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