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Default Re: A new shift concept for the engineers....

So I'm stuck at one of the links that GH put up

Sheldon Brown's Gunnar Street Dog Left Drive, 3-speed, Fixed-gear Bicycle

I'm new to this so forgive me but....I read the flip flop wiki and it looks like that is NOT talking about running a chain on the left side but DOES have a gear on both sides, so the drive chain always on the right, flip the tire and change the gear, think I got that but still a little curious how the free wheel would work on both sides.

So, here is what I KNOW I don't understand....How did Sheldon Brown flop that 3 speed hub over and have work rotating anti clockwise, how did he get that free wheel to work on the flip side....THEN if you (or I) could do that and hook that left side hub (likely with a larger input gear) up to a HT motor and your halfway there right?....THEN you'd need a right side drive gear and freewheel that worked in the CLOCKWISE direction for pedal power...

So essentially we are looking for a hub that has TWO drive inputs (left and right) that will both freewheel as the bike moves forward, correct...Looks like Sheldon Brown is halfway there, how'd they do that?
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