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Default Another new guy...

...looking for suggestions from those who've gone before. The search function has been helpful but I want to solicit suggestions directly too, since what was good last month may not be great today.

Hi everyone, I've been bitten by the motorized bike bug. I've got a couple weeks coming where my evenings will be free and I'd like to build up a cruiser style gas bike. I'm an engineer by trade, an airplane builder & mechanic by hobby, and I know just enough about bicycles to get myself into trouble. And of course, like everyone else, I'm trying to keep costs down overall without skimping on safety or reliability.

If you don't mind, I'd like some suggestions on a frame to start with - I'm tall, so at least a 26" frame is a given. I really like the looks of the Huffy Panama Jack and Kareoke projects on this site, but I'd like to stay away from coaster brakes or at least be sure that v-style or caliper brakes are an easy retrofit. Suggestions?

For motors, I'm leaning toward the 2010 Grubee 66cc kits but haven't placed the order yet. are there other/better options?

Thanks for humoring the new guy...

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