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Default Re: motorized bike version 2.0

I love the banana seat first build.
A sissy bar and you would be golden ;-}

Just some tips...

On the new yellow build don't put a tensioner on the drive side.
Get the drive side like a motorcycle, and if you can't chain match the pedal side with a half link and a little motor movement, put a tensioner on the pedal side.

The disc brakes are cool, nice score on those.
You just might want to consider a Wally Bike with shocks and dual V-brakes delivered for $74 + tax (yes, wally collects state sales tax).

You can rip it apart, paint it, replace the pedal side drive, whatever, but you still end with at least marginal front shocks and and dual V brakes.

They are practically giving them away now.
KC's Krusiers Builds
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