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Originally Posted by corgi1 View Post
I'll join in as I learn more and understand the basics..... I'm already thinking of questions....LOL... Like "How do you guys STOP these things ?"

car trunks,,trees,,stop signs,,springy bushes,,,,.springy bushes are
LOL...Pretty funny!----- or maybe NOT!!!
That was my point! I remember younger days on old Cushman scooters or Servi-cycles and picking ditches over barbed wire fences..

GearNut--- I like the disc idea... I looked at some for mountain bikes last week.

I'm thinking maybe even smaller motorcycle rims adapted to bike frames. Wouldn't be practical for something with a 49cc engine,but there are some bigger displacement vehicles being built that might require stopping power. Even actual factory moped wheels/tires are already fitted with brakes.

While I'll build a small displacement motor bike for puttin' around (they are just too cool)... I will probably build something along the lines/displacement of an actual vintage board track bike also. I've always loved the old bikes and this forum opens up many options.... besides 49 cc's ain't gona haul my big butt around too well..

I've been toying around with building something along the lines of a 1950's Mustang motorcycle for a while,but these look better and can be accomplished using ready made frames as a starting point..

Looking at vintage pictures the original bikes seem to be larger or is it because the people were smaller ? I'm 6' and around 240#'s so a stingray bicycle is pretty much out of the question.. It's been some time since I was around any old vintage cycles,but they seemed larger or is this my imagination.
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