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Default Re: New Rider with WildFire Motorbike, looking for Master Link...

Do you know the dimensions of that 415 Master Link? I want to make sure it's going to work. Are these kind of chains standard for small bike engines? (They look pretty much alike to me.)

One aspect that is confusing to a beginner is how tight to make bike chain vs. how tight engine chain needs to be. (By the way, I assume any bike chain will work on that side.) The first week I had it bike chain slipped off while I was pedalling uphill, so I was making bike chain tighter - then I had accident with engine chain breaking. Chain is ok, I just need the Master Link.

I'm a bit confused about whether it helps to peddle while engine is engaged - or detrimental. I know it helps up very steep hills when engine is overworked.

If anyone has a couple of spare master links and can send to me one in envelope (for which I will pay), that would really help.

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