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Default Re: New guy from Louisiana

Thanks ! That isn't the same article,but the results are similar (Maybe better !) It's always interesting to see thinking outside the box. Like the fake pushrod idea...

The article I was reading was pretty detailed about the method of doing the same thing to a Honda engine,but the engine had a brass plate attached that had the block letters B & E (I think?) I've been spending a great deal of time reading information though and maybe it was an article that was linked from this site.

It figures I'd run across a forum now AFTER the fact that utilizes old baloon tyred bicycles. I had several hanging around the shop for years and got tired of bumping my head on them and sold,gave away,trashed them all several years ago.

I'll collect some more bits & pieces and put something together that runs as practice,but I'm really facinated with the Vintage look bikes. I'm going to pickup an old Vespa scooter in the next few days and if I remember right the guy had a lot of old bicycles even an old trike bicycle. His place is something that would make the guys from "Pickers" happy.

I'm sure I'll have questions as time moves along,but for now I'm having a blast reading/seeing what others have done around here... I haven't seen much that wasn't interesting....and several that were downright amazing.

I bought a 100 year old small copper & brass antique motorcycle headlight 10 years ago because it was so cool and shaped like a big acorn... guess I know what it's going to be used for now... I knew I kept it for a reason...LOL

I'm going to attempt to find a real vintage motor of some sort instead of a modern powerplant to build something unusual using vintage bits & pieces. I've got lots of strange antique lights,horns,parts from playing with hotrods over the years.....
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