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Default New guy from Louisiana

I was introduced to this forum by Crazy Horse from a welding site we both frequent.

I have to tell you guys there are some amazing builds going on around here,which I'm sure you already know.

I'm really interested in the Board Track / Vintage replicas that are being built. I'll be looking around for some sort of antique engine to use now that I've been exposed to this site. I never knew there was such a following for this sort of fabrication.

I've been reading threads for several weeks just to get a feel for what is involved in this sport and this looks like it may be fun....

I was reading a thread about the B&E engine made from a Honda that had pretty detailed instructions/pictures on the procees involved to re-design that engine into something that looked old. Unfortunately I was interrupted in the middle of researching/reading the thread and I've been unable to relocate it. If someone bookmarked it or can redirect me to it I'd appreciate the link, I'd like to finish reading the article at least.

I'll join in as I learn more and understand the basics..... I'm already thinking of questions....LOL... Like "How do you guys STOP these things ?"

Thanks for an interesting forum on an interesting topic that looks to be a lot of fun that can be an inexpensive project or a bit more involved if you want it to be... Thanks "Crazy Horse" for steering me down a road less traveled
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