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Default Re: Manic Mechanic sprocket adapter

Originally Posted by jvirginillo View Post
"Jim John here I've been "off the air" for some time now but would like to get back to work on my bike.

Can I still order a motor mount and manifold from you directly?

You have sold me the clutch lever and gaskets in the past.

John...Yes you can! Call Karen tomorrow and she'll get you fixed up.

Originally Posted by Tad Bit Tipsy View Post
While I think the adapter is great, the availability of sprockets and sizes sucks now. Pirate never has them in stock, and most of the time its 44t or less. Can't get bigger sprockets to save my life. If your going to make these things only available through a dealer, make sure that dealer has enough options for the customers. This has just become too frustrating for me, all I want is a 48T. Its like pulling my hair out trying to find one.

Pirate Cycles can not possibly stock all tooth count sprockets...I still take orders for custom sprockets. Nobody will be left out in the cold with thier adapter.

Just call Karen, and she'll get you fixed up.

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