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Default Re: EUREKA I Found it ! Bike Bug, Aqua Bug, Tas Spitz, Sears Free Spirit, & Little

I'm hoping to as the weather is supposed to cool down here next week and I get my work caught up. I stopped by the local hobby shop and asked about that silicone tubing. They gave me a blank look and asked what brand or who makes it ? I've known these people since I was a kid so they take me serious.

If you're able to find out the name of the maker let me know
who it is so I can tell them. Otherwise I could use some high temp RTV to mend it where it cracked beside the clamp.

I've got my bracket laid out on card stock (like comes in a laundried shirt) so when I get the bracket built I'll be pouring some mix in the tank and seein if I can get it to fire up.

Where I took the front derailer shift lever of to just use the rear 5 gerars.....I put the lever back on it to use for the throttle. That left using an old bicycle horn button to use as the Kill switch.

.......and yes......they are using Skate Board wheels to drive the tire with. Adapting one of those will be my next little project....once I'm up 'n' running.
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