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Default Re: Who else always pedals?

Originally Posted by virginian View Post
When I ride my motorized bicycle I always pedal, but in the motorized bicycle videos that I see almost no one ever pedals. Do any of you pedal while riding?
I always pedaled my e-bikes. I usually pedaled harder with the motor than without, because the motor seemed like it needed the help-- if you know what I mean.

I have not yet built my own internal combustion engine bike, but I intend to build one that drives the crank, without allowing me to idle the pedals. (The engine will freewheel, but the pedals will not.) I'll have to be careful to set up the gearing so that the motor's top speed is within my ability to pedal along.

To me, this is the only compelling reason to start with a bicycle and add a motor. Otherwise it's just a small and incredibly weak motorcycle.

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