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Default Re: dropout chain tensioner

Originally Posted by oldsurfer View Post
i am not sure i'm following you on the grease issue? what does that have to do with a tight fit?
Here's the deal: When you tighten a nut, you apply a certain amount of torque, and you get a certain amount of tension on the fastener. Friction takes the torque and wastes it, without using it to tension the fastener. The more you can reduce friction, the more tension (clamping) you get for a given torque on your wrench. So if you are savvy, you grease the treads so that a reasonable amount of wrench torque results in a decent amount of clamping. Good bike mechanics all do this.

Serrated axle nuts are good for preventing loosening, but serrated locknuts-- the ones facing the insides of the dropouts-- are more significant to preventing axle slippage.

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