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Wink Re: 2 vs. 4 Stroke...

Originally Posted by GearNut View Post
In the AMA motocross races, why were the 250 4-strokes pitted against the 125 2-strokes. Why not pit them against 250 2-strokes?

Yamaha YZ460F against Honda CR250R?
Something seems slanted here....
Why you ask? The simple answer is a 2-stroke puts out nearly twice the power per displacement of a 4-stroke of equal size. And that is why the AMA allows this ruling. I wasn't talking about raw brake 66cc 2-stroke can spank my piddly little 49cc 4-stroke. Which bike do I prefer to ride everyday...take a guess? Sorry, it's the 4-banger, mini-thumper!

And how many 2-strokes are running against those 4-strokes in the AMA (pick any series, on or off-road ) ? Almost none! tell me? And what happened to the 500cc open class and all the 500cc 2-strokes that used to race in them???
Where's the 350cc Banshee, the Penton 125cc, the Hodaka 100cc. the 405cc Husky, the 360cc CZ and the 501cc Maico? There are still some very nice 2-strokes out there, like Polini, Morini, Tanaka, Zenoah, Stihl and Chung Yang, but they are getting far and few between....are they not? Who rules, 2 or 4-stroke?

Which type rules is really neither, they both have there place.
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