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Default Re: 2 vs. 4 Stroke...

I suspect that the current dominance of the four strokes in the AMA racing circuit would be political - after all, the primary reasons for racing is product development and marketing.

What point would there be for the major manufacturers in continuing development on a engine that's become the scapegoat? Pound for pound the two stroke has always had better characteristics for motocross in particular - but if you have the resources of a major manufacturer these differences aren't so much the primary concern as pushing product.

Four strokes will no doubt eventually be the only type available - yet this has nothing to do with it's performance and everything to do with politics. Don't think for a second that politics doesn't effect the racing circuit or engine development lol

BUT - that's all beside the point anyway, we're talking about available engines suitable for mounting on our bicycles. Of those engines available - if we're talking sheer performance per displacement & weight I'm afraid the 2smokers still haven't got any real competition. The only reason any of the available four strokes even come close is because the China two strokes are about as primitive as you can get - throw a Morini into the equation and the debate is over.

That still doesn't mean I think the four stroke inferior in any way - again, for what's available for our bikes, the four stroke is quieter, smoother running and does have better long term reliability & fuel efficiency potential.

It's still about what tool is more appropriate for what you want out of yer ride.
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