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Default Re: Front Wheel Diag. Needed,(Huffy)

OK, Here is what I think the clarification on the previous subject is;

I just checked out my Huffy Cantilever, this is the bike I have my engine mounted to, . . looking real close, it seems to me there is no dust cover, and that the grease is sitting there on top of the bearings and holding pretty darn firm, . I first took it yesterday as some type of dust cover or washer type shim acting as a dust cover, . . so, in this case,

the below picture seems to be correct, the only thing thats missing is the grease !

The other pic involved, where, "ocscully", commented, there are two different cones, is correct but the one cone, as, "stude13", pointed out, is a racer, but there is only one being shown, it is of both sides, (of the same one, single part), thats what I was afraid of, it was left lying around from another bike, consequently, in my excited state of bouncing BB's, I mistook it for one of the parts, . .

( for that you have my apologies, . . I was a bad boy!! . . and also not to damn smart !!, sorry to have wasted your time like that.)

Ahh, . so onward and upward, . . I guess thats it for this episode, with the exception; I have a deep freeze going with the lock nut and the bearing cone. If I don't want to buy a new one or frisk around for a, "Junkyard Gem", I'm going to have to figure out a way of getting them apart ?

Thanks for Hangin in !

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