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Default Re: Aluminum or Steel? Which do you prefer?

Thank you all for the excellant information and insight. What have I learned???

Frame for frame the weight savings would not be much unless I were to spend alot of $$$ for a small drop in lbs.

Chromoly/Steel frames tend to be stronger and easier to aquire at a lower price point.

Mounting a motor to either frame should not be a problem due to the availability of various motor mount kits. But a steel frame may offer better vibration isolation then an aluminum frame.

And the older steel frames may offer a better motor mounting position because of the top bar configuration and other aspects of the eariler mountain bike frame designs.

I currently have my 1999 DBR Racing Mountain bike. Was thinking of doing the conversion on this bike first then try another on a steel frame. But after receiving all of this information i may just locate a quality vintage mountain bike.

Thanks folks,

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