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Default Re: Here It Is !!!!!

Hi Daytonamanmike, your bike looks good, I rarely use the tensioners, BUT if you used kit chain it will strech more than you might ever believe possible. you can shim your engine froward to take up slack.

NOW, to more important things. This bike's front fender is mounted in the same was as at least 4 others that I have know, which resulted in face-plants by the riders.

FIX? either put a front strut on the fender, or remove the fender.

2ND safety point, I do not see a front brake on your bike, but I do see it will carry a caliper brake just fine.

I NEVER let a bike out of my shop with no front brake, and I never will, short of a signed affadavit by the bike owner (if I build, there will NEVER be a question). I have even sent the customer home with his new brake on credit if need be!

Your bike will be a ton of fun, and even more so without that fender wrecking both you and your bike.

Ride Straight,

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