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Default re: Silicon Tubing Exhaust

The vid sounds nice, I am guessing if you quieted the intake no one would hear you coming.

This post is quite timely for me as my muffler just fell apart and I was looking for some alternatives. I went to three of the local auto parts store and they thought I was crazy and they siad the high temp silicon tubing was special order etc.... Then I stopped at Napa and the dude was awesome, he slapped his caliper on the pipe got a measurement and went out back. He came back with what he called "converter hose". It is black and ugly like heater hose but it is oil resistent and good for high temps. It cost me three bucks for the 12 inch piece. You can get a 10 foot piece for around 15 bucks. I bought the small one because I was supposed to be buying milk for the wife so I used my milk money. So if you guys are like me trying to find parts local and cool colors is not important look for "catalytic converter air hose". I have not tested it yet, but it should work as the specs are basicly the same as the fancy "high temp silicone hose"
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