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Default Re: dropout chain tensioner

Originally Posted by oldsurfer View Post
i have the 45degree front to back drop outs ..the torque from the drive pulls the hub loose ...any one know how to set up a device to prevent this from happening.
You don't need a device; you need a proper installation. Grease the axle threads before replacing the nuts and tighten them firmly (with a box end wrench or socket, not an adjustable wrench). If you have a quick-release axle, use a steel enclosed cam type QR lever, oil its mechanism with chain lube, and tighten it through 90 degrees of cam clamping.

If that does not work, take your bike to a shop and have them check the rear dropout alignment (there is a tool for this). Also have them replace smooth hub locknuts with serrated ones if possible. You'll need to match the thread diameter and pitch exactly, and there are a lot of varieties to choose from. If you have other issues I have not guessed at, a qualified bike mechanic will probably be able to identify them.

(There are some unpretentious shops out there that will work on your MB-- it helps to find one that is open-air so that the smell of your bike engine does not linger and annoy the mechanics.)

You can use chain tugs as shown in the earlier picture, but they are always a poor substitute for good careful installation. Since your dropouts are front opening, you'll have to loosen and remove the tugs entirely before being able to remove the wheel. And you'll have to use the kind that have an overhanging lip with bolts through it, like this:

In this particular case, you would have to file away the raised area that's intended to ride in the rear-opening dropout slot.

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