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Default Re: Aluminum or Steel? Which do you prefer?

Originally Posted by KCvale View Post
To me it all depends on your front tube.
If the stock motor mounts fit around it you are golden, if not then with steel you can just use channel locks and squeeze it in and not loose any strength.

With aluminum it is another story.
If you can crimp it to fit the mount you just put a huge failure point in your frame.
If it is that thin even drilling it for a single bolt mount is a failure point too...

I'm sorry man, but I feel I gotta point out that ya really shouldn't "squeeze" or crimp any tubing you're depending on for structural integrity regardless of it's material - for exactly the same reasons stated for aluminum.

While it's true that aluminum is even less forgiving - the thin wall tubing used for our bikes really shouldn't be compromised by distortion. It's chancy at best and while sure, you can get away with it somewhat, it's an unnecessary work-around with the potential for catastrophic consequences - there's now a plethora of oversize mount options that don't entail damaging the frame.
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