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Default Re: A new shift concept for the engineers....

Originally Posted by Venice Motor Bikes View Post
I think the way Camlifter used a internal gear hub on the drive chain for his 'Biker build off' bike is the only way this is going to happen.
Yep, I'm of the mind that internal is the only way to fly.

Good modern 3-speeds aren't going to explode.

How come nobody has considered the SA s3x hub . Fixed gear 3-speed. Flipp it to the left side.

They even have a dual sprocket model with freewheel on one side and fixie on the other.

CVT is too much heat and friction. I spent more money on belts for a cvt than I did for the entire trike tranny.

Also consider when you shift with a derailer, you are pulling the chain tight on top whereas , your setup, the wheel sprocket will put the slack to the top, increasing the chance to bind.

Good luck. I wish I had your tools!
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