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Default Super High Quality Parts?

What are the super high quality parts that are available for these projects. I realize that sometimes the high quality parts have to be made in your own garage. But what about whats available for retail?

Motors. Which Chinese motors from whom do you think are the best and most reliable? Motor mounts. There are some mounts that I saw for sale from one of the sponsors. These aluminum pieces were gorgeous.

How about cranks and pedals? Yes, I know there is alot out there? But what have you used? Front shocks? Whatever.

I am pretty new to the bike scene. I want to build a very nice bike. Something very special. Costs are not the major concerns. Reliabily and fit/finish are important.

I have decided to go with a suspended hardtail with a single speed.

Thanks for all of the input.

Need to make a few of these bikes to give away as a fund raiser for the local schools Annual Auction.

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