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Default Re: 2 vs. 4 Stroke...

The "comfort" was mostly a reference to the style of build I'm considering, tho as a four stroke is typically quieter (depends greatly on exhaust system) and is prone to less vibration (generally lower RPM use), there's a greater potential for general "comfort" - but I do feel the need to point out that a two stroke can achieve similar results if the build is planned with that in mind (proper silencer & gearing).

Distance... well, although I'll be the first to defend the much maligned 2smoker - it's also true that sustained, high RPM use isn't it's forté, if we're talking about wide open throttle for hours there's the potential for excessive wear and overheating. They're particularly well suited for sprints, like heavy traffic or off roading - dirtbikes are a good example.

The four stroke is a better candidate for say highway use, where acceleration isn't as much the concern (or even weight), but reduced wear and engine cooling at those sustained speeds is, but displacement vs displacement, pound for pound - you'll sacrifice some power for that *shrug* It's all a trade off

Again though - I'm not trying to infer that either is inferior, simply that there's tools that are more appropriate for specific applications.

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