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Wink Re: 2nd broken frame

Broken frames? Gee...really? With a motor or without....steel, aluminum, titanium, M2, carbon fiber.....they ALL break and for various reasons.....what's the big stink? I would say the most common place for frame failure is on the downtube, just past the head tube and the reason?....stress!

When I was a kid my 20" Stingray was not a lead sled was a cheap a$$ monarch (made in Japan). It had no motor but I used to jump that thing to the high heavens and where do you think that frame broke every couple years? You might have guessed, it's that place right behind the headtube where the forks are attached.....the downtube. That frame had more weight in welds in that spot than the frame itself! And that is why you see on many, many frames.....especially ALUMINUM....a gusset welded between the underside of the downtube connecting to the headtube in that spot.

Have you ever seen a bottombracket spindle break? How about a handlebar snap? A wheel axle perhaps? I've seen them all and the reason is just plain and simply stress......nothing more! BarelyAWake basically nailed it!
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