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Default Re: 2 vs. 4 Stroke...

This thread is so...


(took me a while to think of a word that wouldn't breech our rules lol)

2 vs 4 stroke is simply a matter of application and personal preference, no more no less. Why some feel the need to bash what they don't have I'll never understand - it's not about which is inherently better as that depends solely on application, the right tool for the job.

My first two builds I wished simplicity and speed - thus I chose the 2 stroke.

The build I'm contemplating currently is focused on comfort and extreme distance runs, speed is far less a consideration - thus I'm after a 4 stroke.

As for aesthetics - I assure you that beauty is subjective, what one finds garish the next finds a beautiful example of form following function.

Anything else is like arguing about sports, in the end - we're all playing ball so what does it matter?

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