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Default Re: any thing here look like it is built to fail?

The mount to the frame looks substantial, the .125 Aluminum "standoff" I feel will be inadequate for 3 reasons. 1. with that thin of a standoff you are concentrating the shear points on the engine mount hardware to a very small area of the bolt shank. 2. The material the standoff is made of looks like 1100 series Al.(looking at bend radius) soft, will bend torsionally, causing chain misalignment. 3. The right side engine bolt will be under tremendous load(think of the chain pulling back on the motor real hard), this coupled with vibration = Failure. Suggest using the same material as the frame mount, angle drill and countersink a new standoff so the end result is the entire mount is the thicker material. Just my 2 cents. Still a good job!

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