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Originally Posted by ridemybikebro View Post
Hello All,
The Worksman newsboy is m first choice but its a little on the expensive side. I may end up with a wally-world cruiser because they are so inexpensive and I have been wrenching on bikes for awhile and I can fix dang near anything on it.
Hi Ride, welcome.
Though the people here will help anyone, it is nice to welcome newbies that are not 'mechanically challenged' as it were ;-}

If you have bikes, it might be best to start with something you have, it's not like you can't pull the kit back off unless we are talking about starting with a bike like this...

This is the room you will need in the frame to fit a motor.

Before you choose ask yourself these questions:

1. Am I building this as cheap as I can just to check them out and have fun?
Or am I building it because I need to rely on it for main transportation and use it often?

2. Do I need it to last more than a year? Or not?

3. Do I need to ride more than handfull of miles at a time? or much more.

4. Is my personal comfort worth a few extra bucks up front considering the time and miles I will putting on it?

Only you can answer those questions.
You can save yourself a lot of grief and even more money later if you just start in the right place for YOUR needs, even if means waiting or selling something to get there.

Just a tip.
I have built and put a few miles on bikes form my 1st Wally Cranbrook build to my current Luxury 3-speed shifter bike with shocks.
I will never go back to anything less than at least shocks, and I would be hard pressed to give up gears.

Answer those questions honestly and I think you can narrow your choices a lot ;-}
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