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Default Re: 2 vs. 4 Stroke...

Interesting discussion.......I run a 29'er that originally cost about 500 bucks and then spent another 500 bucks on a quality 2 cycle kit friction drive kit- my original intention was to have a bicycle that looks nothing like a motorcycle and as much like a regular bicycle as possible.

Yup, good 29'er tires cost as much as a low end car tire, but like it was pointed out previously in this get what you pay for. I've had "0" problems in over 1000 miles so far this year and I've been passed and driven by numerous police officers with nary a raised eyebrow.

I really, really don't want to offend any of the other forum members or start up a s**tstorm, but it just kills me when I read about riders building bikes up from Wal-Marts bikes. Go to any decent bike shop and they call them BSO's...that stands for Bicycle Shaped Object....go ahead- Google it. Quite a few bike shops won't even work on them due to liability issues.

When I read about guys on this board going 40mph+ on these makes me cringe a little bit because they aren't designed to last that long.
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