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Default Re: Giant 3-speed Suede w/ Jackshaft Nightmare

Originally Posted by bowljoman View Post
I like the look of the tool box on the back
I missed that in my last reply. Thanks.
That tool box has quite a history actually.
My dad gave it to me when I was a teen with some tools in it so I wouldn't use his.
I kept it all these years and gave it my son with new tools when he became a teen.
I won't go into it, but he left it open out in the weather for months.

In short all the tools and box were rusted.
(Yes, it does rain here!)

But it is the exact perfect size for that back rack so I restored it.
Funny the feelings I had when doing that particular simple project about both my dad and my son at the same time.
I learned it is possible to shed the same tear with both admiration and disappointment at the same time.

Anyway, thanks, the box is back in service and I like it too ;-}
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