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Default Re: 2 vs. 4 Stroke...

Two stroke has a higher power to weight ratio, making it perfect for the small engine application of a motorized bike, however as you begin to scale engines up, two strokes make a lousy mid size engine. Some of you guys on here are old enough to remember Chryslers 2-two stroke dabaucle of the 70's, So cars tend to run 4 stroke, because of vibrations and what not, however if you take it one step further, many large marine engines are 2 - stroke diesels, big enough for a man to stand in the cylinder. so two versus 4 the only place that 4 strokes trump a 2 in a commercial application is in cars. Just look at most small displacement dirt and motor bikes, they tend to be 2s I think that is for a reason. Nothing against 4 stokes, but for a motorized bike I tend to think the application lends it self well to the design.
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