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Default Re: 2 vs. 4 Stroke...

*shrug* I'll grant ya that lol

TBH I still find the point somewhat debatable, while I'll admit there's some truth to what you say - I'd not agree it's near as bad a picture as painted.

Much of the poor reputation of the Chinese two stroke kits can be attributed to what I consider to be a misunderstanding. While the advertisements claim that it's a motorized bicycle kit - as in, bolt it to your bike and go... I think given the price tag it's a much more reasonable view to consider it an engine kit for a bicycle - as in, the engine itself is a kit. While everything is included, it's the barest minimum (some upgrading is recommended) and final finish and assembly needs be done - it's only put together as to not lose the parts in transit.

Excepting the occasional dud and bad casting (major reasons to get from a reputable vendor whom honors returns), every two stroke kit I've had experience with or seen that is assembled with that mentality has been a well running, reliable build.

While it's not an outright misrepresentation by the retailers, I think that generally speaking people may have far higher expectations than the price tag implies. You just really can't expect much for $150, yet with little more than another $50, some research and a little time - you get far more enjoyment than $200 warrants

I just wish more folks would look into what they're getting - before they get it. There'd be a little less disappointment that way...
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