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Default My first kit should be here tomorrow!

Hey everybody,

I'm starting on my first motorbike project. I got a good deal on a black slant 66cc kit on ebay, and it'll be here tomorrow.

I'm not new to engines, and I'm definately not new to bicycles, but I've never actually put an engine on a bicycle. There are some cool curvy roads around here and I'm really lookin forward to zippin' around on a sweet new MB.

Unfortunately, however... I don't have a donor bike yet...

But at least I'll be able to clean up the ports and stuff without being tempted to slap it on and ride away.

I'm looking for a sweet vintage 26" tank bike. I was bidding on a couple, but haven't gotten one yet. I might go look at one locally tomorrow. My brother has a newer cruiser bike that's just sitting around, and I'm getting more and more tempted to buy it from him. It's good and sturdy, with plenty of room for an engine, but it's not vintage, so it doesn't quite do it for me there, and I'm not into the oversized tubing. The rims and spokes are in perfect shape though, and on old vintage bikes, sometimes they're not motorworthy.... so it's a compromise... It's not everything I want, but it would definately work.

So, I'm not totally sure yet.

I think the best setup would be to run a jackshaft kit to a nuvinci hub, with front and rear disc brakes. That would be awesome, but it's a bit out of my (hardly existant) budget, so I'll be running a single speed setup at first, with a mostly stock engine. After breaking it in, I'll start building it up.

The list of upgrades to come will include a hub adapter, smaller sprocket, maybe a bigger drive sprocket, better air filter, bigger dellorto main jet, custom shorty intake manifold, custom expansion chamber and muffler with exhaust wrap, upgraded spark plug and wire. Maybe I'll play around with a boost bottle, and NOS on these little things has to be just STOOOPID, but I want to try it anyway.

Other than that, I'm thinkin chrome old school speedo, big chrome headlight, custom electrical with key, springer forks, vintage small motorcycle fuel tank. banana seat with shock-mount sissy bars. I'm also thinking about some motorcycle or pocket bike style folding rear foot pegs, or just small bmx pegs on the rear axle, with a custom foot brake pedal. I've been thinking about running a 24x3 rear tire, but I'm not entirely sure of the performance benefits of doing so.

I probably wont be riding it any time soon, but I'm collecting parts...

I wonder if you could use a rag joint setup to bolt a disc rotor to the front wheel spokes instead of tearing the thing apart to put in a disc compatible hub...

Anyway, the search for a donor frame continues....

I'll be listing more stuff for sale on ebay to generate more funds for the MB...

And soon, I'll be cruisin!!

Later Gang!
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